Monitoring surface displacements by Satellite InSAR

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NHAZCA (Natural HAZards Control and Assessment), Spin-off Company of “Sapienza" University of Rome, provides Remote Sensing Solutions for Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring.


Thanks to a constant effort in innovation and optimization of the latest remote sensing technologies and to the collaboration with the CERI (Research Centre of “Sapienza" University of Rome), IMG S.r.l. (promoting partner) and prestigious entities such as the European Space Agency (ESA), NHAZCA provides  cutting-edge solutions for the management, control and monitoring of natural and man induced hazards. 

NHAZCA represents a reference partner for entities and companies in charge of land and urban planning, civil protection, Oil&Gas, mining, hydroelectric power, large infrastructures and conservation of the architectural and monumental heritage.




Satellite SAR Interferometry (InSAR) is a powerful technique for the estimation of multi-temporal surface deformation processes.

One of the greatest value and peculiarity of Satellite InSAR technology is the capability to perform historical displacement analysis, thanks to the historical archives of imagery available since 1992.

Furthermore, the features of the new generation of satellites, allow the monitoring of ground and structures, exploiting a near-real time data acquisition.

Last generation of algorithms developed by NHAZCA allows customizable applications for different purposes such as: land use planning, urban planning, slope stability assessment, monitoring of subsidence processes (e.g. due to oil and gas or water extraction), large structure/infrastructure monitoring (dams, buildings, highways, viaducts, etc.), tunneling-induced ground deformation monitoring, monitoring of volcanic and seismic activity.

Moreover, NHAZCA can process a wide range of satellite SAR data, characterized by different technical specifications and, therefore, suitable for different fields of application, such as: ERS1 and ERS2ENVISATRADARSAT-1RADARSAT-2ALOS-PALSARALOS2TerraSAR-XCOSMO-SkyMedSENTINEL-1A and SENTINEL 1-B.



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